Heads: 244 ........48.2%

Tails: 262 ......... 51.8%

Total: 506

Heads: 547........48%

Tails: 592..........51.9%

Total: 1139

After collecting coins for two years it would appear that an individual is 4% less likely to find a heads penny versus a tails penny. This 4% could be accounted for by the members of society that collect heads pennies for good luck. By collecting the coins they are creating a rarity in the object they are collecting. To see specific numbers consult each year.

It Makes Good Cents is an ongoing project that I began in 2009 when I decided

that I would collect pennies for a year monitoring the side the coin was found on.

The project continues to the present day with the activity of collecting coins being a part of my daily life. In addition to the monitoring of the side I also engage in a wide variety of activities involving the penny within each year. These activities include photo scans of more damaged coins along with additional pattern finding observations.